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Just a few randomly ...
Bleeding flowers

A character driven doc shot in today’s eastern Congo about forgiveness in a country where rape is used as a weapon of war. With victims, perpetrators and Dr Dennis Mukwege, the Nobel Piece Price winner 2018.


A film by Marius van Niekerk.

Shot on BMCC

My heart of darkness

Short pilot.

Four war-veterans, from different sides, step onto a boat at the mouth of the Kwando river, deep within the African interior. They are on a journey back to past battlefields, the sites where they as youngsters, tried to kill each other.

Directed by Marius van Niekerk & Staffan Julén.


Nominations & Awards: In competition Best feature-documentary IDFA, In competition Dragon Award Best feature-documentary Göteborg International Film Festival, In competition Best feature-documentary TEMPO documentary film festival, In competition Best feature-documentary PAFF LA, In competition Best feature-documentary Tri-Continental Human Rights Film Festival, Winner Best feature-documentary VIC Luanda


Shot on Red One

Falling apart

Sample from a short movie by  Baker Karim with Alexander Karim as the main character.


Shot on BMCC

Anemone hepatica

One of the first tests with my specially developed rig for shooting around objects.


Shot on BMPCC


-Daughters of the Midnight Sun-


One of the first films in the eighties.

About the Sami people through the experience of women.


It was selected to the Margaret Meed Film Festival i New York.


Directed by Ylva Floreman and myself.


Shot on 16 mm film with Aaton LTR

En Liten Julsaga

-A Christmas Tale-


Here is a film mostly shot in a studio. It is about a small child loosing her teddy bear and the mysterious ways in how it finally returns on Christmas Eve.


I found this version on Youtube, dubbed in russian.


Shot on 35 mm film with ARRI BL

Den Första Solens Tid

-Time of The First Sun-


A short film about our existence.
Black birds and construction cranes symbolizes different forces within us.


It was considered being somewhat experimental and philosophical at the time.

Pretentious, sure.

I just tried to make a very personal film.

It was released on Cinema and numerous film festivals around 1990.


Subtitled in English


Shot on 16 mm film with Aaton LTR


-Search-  short trailer


Woman, 38, no children, no husband! Lisa wants a change of life. She starts internet-dating, but it turns out that the more men she meets, the further from family happiness she finds herself. An absurdly realistic journey through the bright nights of the big city filled with friendship, love, sex and self betrayal!


Directed by Maria von Heland


Shot on Betacam SX


-Ekerwald-  short trailer


A documentary on a Swedish author of 92 years.

He has up till today written over 50 books.

The film is mostly about the joy of living. At 87 he fell in love again and saw again passion.



Directed by Peter Östlund


Shot on Blackmagic (BMCC and BMPCC)

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