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Tools I often use

I have been working with most of the classic

film cameras from Aaton S16 to ARRI BL 35mm.


The digital cameras are so many and new ones arrives every year. There is a pixelrace in performance that triggers the tech happy guys.

I don't need to always have the latest gear. It is more important what you see coming out. The cinemas only screen 2K today and to see the improvement with 4K you have to be very near the screen. So near that you cannot follow and digest the whole frame, so what's the point?


I have a special relation to the cameras from Blackmagic. For my low budget work I use them as default tools. They give me images with a filmic, soft, look that most of the other cameras in the same segment cannot compete with.


When using DaVinci Resolve as a "developer" and grading lab the whole system make sense for me.

I have everything under control.



Recently I have been working on films that have long and uncontrolled shooting periods.


For my latest film I bought an electronically controlled slider to be able to do very slow macro shoots of nature.


I also developed, constructed and had a rig built where I could shoot around a center in a controlled way.


A 3d gimbal also became useful.


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (x2)

Viewfinder Gratical Eye

Video assist 5"

Sony A7s for the darkest moments

Drone DJI Mavic Pro (x2)


Heiler, Vinten Vision 5, Gitzo

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