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The small negative

Why do I choose to work with this camera, these days so overflowed with images of "higher "quality?

The pixelrace produces cameras that reproduce our world more and more accurate. Today the resolution of the pictureas exceeds what our own eyes can experience.

The camera evolution is propelled by a force found somewhere in economy and a stupid tendency of man - we can never get enough.

This applies not only in the camera sector but almost everywhere in modern society.

I guess it is difficult to stop.


I would say that one of the few places free from this lies within art, poetry and music.

In these entities we strive for building something in the mind of the spectator, reader, audience.

In order to do this the artist have to work together with the persons brain. The artist have to leave gaps in the information for the brains to fill in. To much information leaves less or nothing to digest and seems not to interest on a deeper level.


This is why I as an artist choose to work with a media that is not "perfect". For me it just gives a richer experience.



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